September Cape Cod Trip

September Cape Cod Trip

Nauset Light    credit Ed J. Mitchell

My Son Hooked Up     credit Phil Farnsworth

Had a fun time on the Cape Cod, despite shitty conditions. Man, it was sticky and humid with rain on all but one day. Water temperatures were high for this time of year too. And not surprisingly the fishing was thin and spread out. As always, fishing is wishing.

On our last day, however, things improved. The rain stopped, blue skies appeared. Hallelujah. And a quick ride in Phil’s new boat put Captain Pete Farrell, Phil Farnsworth, and my son into bass and blues.  Nice going guys. We pulled it out at the last moment.

They found fish stacked up in a back cove. Loads of birds announced the action where tons of bait was being pushed against the bank by striped bass. What a wonderful sight for hungry anglers. And a upbeat ending to our September Cape Cod trip.

Credit Phil Farnsworth


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