Dave & Pete are Back in Montana

Dave & Pete are Back in Montana

Got a text message from my friend Dave Beall. He and his buddy Pete are back out in Montana trout fishing the Upper Big Hole River. Below you’ll see a 22″ beauty that Dave caught on a White Zonker. Nice going Dave. They also caught a some small browns and grayling on dries.

22″ Brown Trout

The Big Hole River has been in the news of late, and not for good reasons. Trout numbers are way down over previous years. Way, way down. The juror is still out on the root cause of the problem, but climate change might be one of many factors, along with fungal disease and PFAS  contamination, often called forever chemicals. The Upper Big Hole River is fairing a bit better, with the Middle Section of the river hit the hardest. Lets hope the biologist find some answers soon to protect this legendary river.

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