Smith & Wesson Model 625

SW 625-2 Model of 1988

The SW Model 625 is a highly sought after firearm. It’s long been popular in IDPA competitions; it’s a fine “Pin” gun, and superb for target work. In fact it’s fair to say the 625 is, hands down, one of the best big-bore revolvers ever produced. Yes, it’s really that good.

Mine is a 625-2, Model of 1988, chambered for 45ACP. I purchased it second-hand; it was first owned by a Smith & Wesson salesman. When I saw it in the showcase, I knew had to have it. Decked out with rosewood boot grips and a 5″ barrel, it came in a factory, velvet lined, leather case, with brass locks. A real jewel.  And lucky for me the price was right.

Fast to medium speed powders are best in 45ACP and I have tried a slew of them in search of the perfect handload. The list includes Bullseye, VV310, Unique, 231, and Tite Group. Right now, my favorite powder is Universal Clays, under a 200 grain, plated, semi-wacutter, ignited by a Federal primer. It’s a fine load, accurate and clean burning.

Be a safe and responsible gun owner!

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2 Responses to Smith & Wesson Model 625

  1. R_11B says:

    Cool. I’d like to get a hold of a Model of 1988 someday, as that was the year I was born and .45 revolvers can be pretty fun.

    • admin says:

      Hey Craig,
      Or a model of 1989; Either way. I prefer the 5″ barrel over the newer 4″. Frankly, the 45ACP round is a near perfect in these N frame revolvers. And super accurate out to 40-50 yards with the right load. Come join the club!

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