Saltwater Fly Fishing & New England Weather

Rain Coming

If you cast flies into the salt chuck, you know the importance of tide and light. Yeah, they can be the keys to the highway my friend. But you also have to keep a close eye on the weather.

Wind, barometer, and weather fronts all influence coastal fishing. No question. Here in New England, during the spring, bluebird days with a north wind are the kiss of death.  Better put the fly rod down and mow the lawn. A southwest wind is the wind you want. And your best bet is a cloudy day with a hint of rain and a falling barometer. Striped bass love those snotty gray days.

During the dog days of summer, a stable barometer produces consistent fishing, be it good or bad. A changing barometer has the opposite effect; it shakes thing up. As fall nears, cold front are finally your friend. A quick cold snap, particularly one combined with the first frost, will kick start the fall migration. Now the action really revs up. But too many cold fronts can be trouble. The more cold fronts hammer the coast, the quicker the fish will migrate south. Bad news. So after the first frost, you want a warm spell to settle in – call it Indian summer. It will allow the fish to linger along the coast, and keep you smiling.

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