Picking a Trail Gun

Picking a Trail Gun

If you’re a hunter, an angler, a backpacker, a camper, or anyone who spends time in the woods, you’ve though at least once about owning a trail gun. Granted if you live where there are no bears, no wild canines, no wild felines, or other threats of the two or four legged kind, you have precious little reason to purchased one. Save your money. If your situation is different, however, read on. (Please also read recent update)

First, recognize that owning a firearm is a responsibility. You need to be trained, and capable of using common sense. And in many locations you have to be licensed as well. Okay, enough said. Be legal, be smart, be safe. Picking the right trail gun requires careful consideration. It must be light enough to carry, powerful enough to do the job, and yet not so powerful you can’t control it. Yes, it’s not a quick easy choice; some real thought must go into your decision. Take your time. Think it through amigo.

Years ago I settled on a SW 629, 44 magnum Mountain Gun. (See it in the photo above) With its tapered, 4″ barrel and rounded edges, it weights considerably less than a full size, full length N frame. Yet it carries enough umph to dispatch even a bear. So is a Mountain Gun all cookies and milk? No, the recoil from this critter is significant; it took me awhile to get comfortable with it. Definitely not a good choice for the novice. But if you’re an experience shooter with strong hands, and ready to work with this firearm, it will deliver in spades my friend. Quick to point, extremely accurate, works with 44 specials or 44 magnums, fires bullets from 185 to 300 grains, rugged and reliable. Wow…It’s one hell of a trail gun.

“Be a Safe and Responsible Gun Owner”


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