The Boating Season Begins – Have Fun & Take Care

Dawn Patrol Watch Hill

Hey the boating season is upon us! And boats can be a barrel of fun. Love them. Nothing like a picture perfect sunrise at sea, with fly rod in hand. It’s how memories are made.

Still boating isn’t risk free. Safe boating requires a vigilant and knowledgeable captain. And brother, be sure to regularly inspect and maintained all your boat’s equipment, including the trailer. A small mechanical failure can lead to a big diaster. No you’re not done yet! Always keep an eye on the conditions too. Fog, rain, wind, rogue waves, and storms can suddenly appear. Stay alert amigo.

Broken hull

This broken hull has a New York registration, but it lies on a Rhode Island beach near Point Judith. Quite a ride. I took the bottom picture years ago at Woods Hole on Cape Cod. Problem, problems. So have all the fun you can stand, but never, ever forget safety.

Woods Hole


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