Charlestown, Rhode Island – A great place.

Charlestown is Great

Spent the winter in Charlestown, Rhode Island. Super little spot. Felt at peace here. Its the kind of place where you could step out of your car and decide to spent 10 years. Loved it. Enjoyed the fishing; the long sandy strands; the people I met; the wild critters; dawns on the beach; starry nights; Block Island riding the horizon; sipping a cold one at the local tavern; and just plain hanging out.  Tip of the hat to all concerned!

The house I rent goes”on-season” soon. Which means the rent is about to rise like a rocket. So  its time to pull up stakes, amigo. Where to next? Heading to Florida. Tarpon, redfish, snook, ladyfish, jacks, Spanish mackerel, cobia, and more. Did I mention sharks, gators, pythons, and rednecks? Yeah, Florida is a mixed bag.

Across the street from the Charlestown Library is a little store selling local artisan goods. I think its called “Mill Creek”. Bought a shirt there to remind me of my days on the Rhoddy coast.  You can see the shirt in the picture above. Believe me, I’ll wear it with pride. Who knows, someday I may get back here.



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  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    Charlestown RI so far has avoided the development of most of our East coast. Which means it is accessible to people, not reserved only for the wealthy.
    One thing that impresses me when ever I travel to beaches to fish or to relax is the reverence many people seem to experience when they walk the shores. What always enters my thoughts is this saltwater is connected to all the saltwater in the world. Humbling.
    Then again, shore locations seem to attract all sorts of characters, reprobates, and miscreants. Like you or me.
    Enjoy Florida. Try the bar at No Name Key.

    • admin says:

      Hey Ted,
      You bet Charlestown is a nice cut of the coast. Liked it there. And I think you’re right about the sea; its humbling.
      Slowly getting adjusted to this new sunny coast. Just in Charlotte Harbor there is more water that you could fully learn in a lifetime. Fished with Ron Whitely twice. Do you remember him? He was a member of CT/RI. Ladyfish, reds, snook, trout, and Spanish. Two days back had a 40 pound tarpon on an 8-weight. It was a blast.


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