More Fly Fishing in Gasparilla

A couple of days ago I caught another boat ride with Ron Whitelely. Ron sure knows how to find the fish! We immediately ran into a huge spanish mackerel blitz spread out over a couple of miles of beach front. Endless fish and birds. And some of these “macks” were up to two feet long. Great fun.

Sweetening up the mix, at times there were little tunny mixed in too. You had to wait and watch for the larger explosions and then key to then. It took a little patience but it wasn’t really difficult to do. Now these were big bad “albies” to say the least, double digit and teen size fish. Yikes. They had my 10-weight crying for mercy!

One of these rocketships ripped my entire leader off. At first I thought it was a failed nail knot; something I had never seen before. Later at home I could see that the fish had actually broken the fly line itself! It was a warm water, clear intermediate without a braided core.


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