Hanging Your Kayak from the Ceiling

I live in a condo. So as you can imagine space is limited. Right off, I had a issue figuring out where to store my kayak. In this case a twelve foot Adios.  No, I do not have a garage. Wish I did. And dragging it inside the house all the time was out of the question. That left the lanai as the only logical place for my yak.

Hanging your kayak from the ceiling

Hanging your kayak from the ceiling

Unfortunately, my lanai isn’t huge. If I simply put the kayak on the floor, there was not enough room for a table and chairs.  Bummer. Consequently, I began looking for a solution. Eventually, I settled on a ceiling winch. With heavy-duty masonry anchors, I mounted the pulley system overhead. There are eight anchors in total, each one rated for roughly 400 pounds. My Adios weighs about 70. No, the ceiling fan doesn’t touch.

It’s not a perfect deal. Hoisting the thing up and down can be a pain in the arse. When I have company, or just want to use the table, however, it’s a godsend. The cost? About 70 buckeroos, plus a masonry bit and some anchors. Not bad.


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4 Responses to Hanging Your Kayak from the Ceiling

  1. Jim Deady says:

    Great Idea ! I wonder if it would hold bikes ?

    • admin says:

      Hey Jim,
      Yes, it will easily hold a bike. In fact, the manufacturer shows a picture of bike being used.The maximum suggested load is 150 pounds. Neat device.

  2. Ted Rzepski says:

    The kayak in your living room reminds me of lifeboats on davits on ferries. A quick release for hurricane emergencies would be handy.
    Also, You could lower it to about 4′ off the floor to use as a buffet table, or spare bed for guests- kidding


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