Towing a Kayak with a Bicycle

Back at the ramp this morning, I saw something new to me. A guy had a rig to tow his kayak with a bicycle! Wow. He told me the basic idea was developed by surfers on the west coast. OK. Can’t you see a California surfer chick in a bikini pedalling her way to Laguna Beach? Lordy.

Kayak Towed by a Bicycle

Kayak Towed by a Bicycle

The bike was a brand I had never heard of – Torker. It has a very sturdy frame, wide tires, three speeds, chain guard, and a tow bar that attachs to the seat column. Nothing fancy here, just a strong, nicely constructed utility bike. This thing is going to last eons. And its a tad cheaper than most tow vehicles. HaHa

Torker Utility Bike

Torker Utility Bike

Dig the cargo rack over the front wheel. Strong enough for your Labrador Retriever, a six pack, and a fly rod. Love to try that. Hat on backwards, dog barking, passing cars left and right. Ok, ok, I’m dreaming! By the way the guy that owned this cool rig was older than me. And thats saying something, folks.  I’m an ancient dude!  Here’s another post on towing a kayak with a bike!



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2 Responses to Towing a Kayak with a Bicycle

  1. Gary says:

    That should allow you to get to the Launch a little later. Always room for a bike. Got to love it. A 76 yr. old guy pulled into the campsite next to us in Cody Wyoming on his Harley and side trailer. He rode from Atlanta to get away from the 96 Olympics. Left his wife home. Set up camp in less than an hour.

    • admin says:

      Yeah where there’s a will there’s a way. I loved this guy’s tenacity, towing a yak behind his bike. I doubt he weighed over 100 pounds soaking wet. We can learn a thing or two from these old timers.


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