Inexpensive Kayak Push Pole: An Update

Inexpensive Kayak Push Pole

Cheap Kayak Push Pole

In September of 2012 I showed you how to built an inexpensive push pole for your kayak.  Well over a year has gone by, so its time for an update.

The DIY pole continues to work very well on the flats, with only 2 minor issues. What are those issues? As I mentioned back in 2012, when the pole is extended, you should avoid starting your “push” using the thinner diameter upper section. It may slip. ( you can taped it tight if you like) Always begin the “push” using the your lower hand, the one around the larger diameter section. Once the kayak begins to move, your upper hand comes into play. The other issue is water. At the end of the day, the pole often has sucked up 3 or 4 ounces of it. It appears to be leaking in where the aluminum shaft enters the PVC “T” fitting. This is not a big deal. I simply tip the pole up and drain it out. But at some point I’ll try to better seal that joint.

Overall I’ve gotten alot of service out of this thing. Its lightweight, yet rigid enough for the yak. My fishing is done mainly on shallow flats. So most of the time I’m using the pole slightly extended (10′). But the ability to extend to greater length has come in handy.

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