Book Review: Selectivity, by Matt Supinski, Stackpole 2014

Recently I got a request to do a book review. Well, I figured why not? I haven’t done one in sometime, and I enjoy reading books. A link to the review in question lies below. The author is a professional guide, and owner of Gray Drake and Trout & Eagle lodges in Michigan. He is also a trained chef, although you will not need a knife and fork here.

Since I may do additional reviews in the future, I’ve added a “Book Review” page to the site. You’ll find it on the pull-down menu under “Outdoor Writing”.

Supinski_selectivity thumbSelectivity: The Theory and Method of Fly Fishing for Fussy Trout, Salmon, & Steelhead. Matt Supinski. Foreword by Al Caucci, Headwater Books, an imprint of Stackpole Books, 260 pages, 8.5 x 11″, hardbound, ISBN 978-0-8117-1101-2

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