Adding an Electric Motor to your Kayak

I was out on the flats yesterday, and ran into Pete, an avid angler from the local fly club. Pete has a motorized kayak or two. Frankly I’m seeing more and more kayaks with electric motors. His Ocean Kayak is set up for two different ones. He has a “Torqeedo” and a “Watersnake”. The “Torqeedo” is a high tech product out of Germany, that runs on a lithium battery, much like a laptop. At 15 pound for motor and battery, its very light weight, but an expensive unit. The “Watersnake” is a low cost option and runs off a wet cell 12 volt wheelchair battery that he stores under the front hatch.

Pete's kayak with a Watersnake installed

Pete’s kayak with a Watersnake installed

Pete has had some troubles with his “Torqeedo”. The “Watersnake”, on the other hand has yet to bite him. Pete cajoled a friend into building a bracket for his kayak that holds either electric unit. Sweet science that. These electric motors greatly increase his range, and lower his workload. Kayaks just keep getting more and more interesting.

Watersnake Electric Trolling Motor installed

Watersnake Electric Trolling Motor installed



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