Winds courtesy of Joaquin

Big bad hurricane Joaquin is in the Atlantic. Yet over here on the Gulf side of Florida it is having an effect too. We have higher winds, mainly from the northwest. Three days so far,  and likely  two more days to come. Yes, ill winds courtesy of Joaquin.

Got out Wednesday evening. It was blowing up to 20 knots, more than I want in a kayak. But just offshore there is a small mangrove island where I could find some quiet water. So I headed there, and staked out in the lee.

Windy courtesy of Joaquin

Winds courtesy of Joaquin

Given the conditions, I took my trusty old 10-weight Sage RPL+.  Its a damn good rod in the wind. And its armed with a new fly line – an Airflo Tropical Punch. This fly line is super slick! Shoots like a dream. I wonder how long that slickness will last? Time will tell. It also boasts a low stretch core, which should improve hookups. And it contains no PVC, which could mean a longer life. Hope so. These new fly lines aren’t cheap. Managed to get one nice snook, before the winds blew me home.

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