Dave’s 31 inch Red!

Well, Dave got a real nice one, a 31 inch redfish on a fly. That’s a beaut for our flats, I swear. Here reds average 22-26 inches, with a few going 27-28 inches. So any red over that is a true bonus. I’ll guess Dave’s fish is eleven pounds plus.

Dave's 31 inch Red on afly.

Dave’s 31 inch Red on a Fly.

Charlotte Harbor is mainly a nursery area for juvenile reds. Bigger spawning reds do show up, however, typically arriving in August and staying around well into October, depending on the severity of fall cold fronts. But no one told this fish. Perhaps our unseasonable warmth has convinced him to hang around.

By the way Dave sight-fished up a big fat sheepshead. Yes, on a fly. That doesn’t happen very often either.

Sheepshead on a fly

Sheepshead on a fly

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