Back on the Water

Wind wind go away! High winds and small craft warnings have kept me off the water for  nearly a week. Damn. Stuck in the house. Well today the wind was scheduled to drop a bit, so last night I put the Adios on top of the car ready to go.

Left the ramp before 8:00AM. Unfortunately as soon as the sun poked up a bit, the winds picked up again. Can’t seem to win. I poled the flats for a few hours riding the ebb tide down. There were no signs of life. Zero. The flats were barren. Since I hadn’t been out in awhile, however, I opted to stay for the flood.

Spotted Seatrout

Today’s Spotted Seatrout

Around noon, when the tide flipped, the wind did too. It lowered to an acceptable level. Thank God. Actually conditions were pretty good, and soon the flats filled with life. Yes, the usual critters showed up: rays, catfish, mullet, bonnethead sharks, pompano,  reds, and spotted seatrout, although no snook. After a long dry spell, I finally started hooking up. How sweet it was to put a bend in the rod.



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