Korker Buckskin Wading Shoe

Korker Buckskin Wading Shoe: A Review

At the beginning of the season, I needed a new pair of wading shoes. So I searched around in the marketplace and spotted several pair made by Korker. To my knowledge, in the past, Korker only made tungsten studded sandals. For years in the salt, I used them  wherever rocks covered in bubble weed, or algae prevailed. So I was familiar with the brand, but what really caught my eye was this: interchangeable soles! Clever idea that.

Korker Buckskin Wading Shoe

Korker Buckskin Wading Shoe

Yes, in most freshwater applications felt soles rule. Okay, I understand. But today some freshwater locations don’t allow felts because of rock snot. And you don’t need felts if you  fish mainly sandy beaches or flats. And there are places were you want steel cleats. Hence interchangeable soles make economic sense.

The Korker Buckskin wading shoe is their least expensive model. They are offered with a wide variety of different soles – including felts, felts with studs, rubber, and rubber with studs. The price is reasonable, and they came in sizes up to 14# which I need. Moreover, I could order a package deal -the shoe and any two soles. And that’s what I did. I got the shoes with a pair of felts and a pair of rubber soles.

Buckskin Felt Soles

Korker Buckskin Wading Shoe – Felt Soles

How do the interchangeable soles lock into place? The red arrows in the above photo tells the story. Each soles locks in front with a tongue, in back with a rubber strap, and along the sides with plastic clips. But does it all actually work in the field? Yes. In use, I found these system to be very secure.

Korkers Back Strap

Korker Buckskin wading shoe Back Strap

The only issue I’ve seen so far with the interchangeable soles is this: you must take your time removing a sole. Don’t simply undo the back strap and try to yank the sole off. The side clips hold exceedingly well, and a hard pull can cause problems. See the photo below. Note the area where the welt has separated a hair from the bottom of the boot. I found it best to undo the back strap and then carefully pop the orange clips free with a flat bladed screwdriver. No big deal.

Remove each soles slowly

Remove each soles slowly

All said and done, I like the Korker Buckskin wading shoe and I love the interchangeable soles. A useful and practical idea. Perfect for me – felts for the stream, rubber for the flats. So I recommend them, if used with care. Happy wading.

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