Yes, the Half & Half is a Great Fly

Yes, the Half & Half is a Great Fly: In November of last year I wrote a post on the Half & Half. Yes the Half & Half is a great fly. And why wouldn’t it be? It combines two of the most successful flies ever created – Lefty’s Deceiver, and Bob Clouser’s Deep Minnow.

Yes, the Half & Half is a Great Fly

In that post, I showed you a subdued Half & Half, tied in earth tones. See it above. I also mentioned that I like this fly in green-over-white, all black, and all chartreuse.

Yes, the Half & Half is a Great Fly

Well, today its raining on the Florida Gulf Coast, so I’m parked at the tying bench. While digging through my materials I came across a pink saddle I bought eons ago to use on Cape Cod for striped bass. Why pink? Back then spin anglers were nailing big bass on bubble gum “Sluggos”. I mean killing them. (Was it a squid imitation?) Naturally that got me tying up pink Deceivers, and they proved effective on stripers. But since moving to Florida that pink saddle has remained buried away. At least until now. ¬†As you can see, I just made some pink Half & Halfs. Do snook like bubble gum ? We’ll find out.

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