Carrying a Trail Gun

Carrying a Trail Gun: Back in November of 2008, I did a brief post on selecting a trail gun. In the intervening years a number of people have come by to read it. So perhaps its time to expand a little on the subject.

Carrying a Trail Gun – S&W 44 Magnum Mountain Gun

Finding the right holster for your trail gun is key. The holster must permit the gun to ride comfortably, securely and yet be easy to access. Hip scabbards and chest packs come immediately to mind. But it may surprise you to learn that there is an inside-the-waist- band holster (IWB) to  consider as well. Its called the Thomas Perfectionist.

Why chose an IWB holster? Couple of reasons. Unlike a hip scabbard, with care an IWB holster allows you to climb in and out of truck without removing it. Great advantage. And unlike either the hip or chest carry method, an IWB is concealable. Yes, even with a large frame magnum revolver such as the one pictured above. Which means you needed not alarm other people on the trail to its presence. I like that.

Thomas Perfectionist IWB for a 4″ N Frame S&W

Thomas Perfectionist IWB Holster for a 4″ N Frame S&W







The Thomas Perfectionist positions the gun high, and tight against the rib cage. But it does so with a sharp forward rake that offers quick access to the revolver’s grip. Lets take a closer look. In the left photo below I am wearing the revolver under a t-shirt. Can you see it? In the right photo, I reveal its location.

Carrying a Trail Gun

Carrying a Trail Gun







In closing, please note that it is extremely important to have a sturdy belt that fits the holster. Typical store bought leather belts aren’t going to hack it! Forget them, amigo. They’re trouble, believe me. The belt I’m using is made by The Wilderness. I recommend and use it daily for all my activities.

Be a Safe and Responsible Gun Owner!

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