Denatured People

Denatured People: Have you noticed? Have you noticed that many people amongst us are out of touch with the natural world? Their numbers are growing too – day by day. They have no interest in our planet. They’re Denatured People.

Denatured People

They know the menu at Starbucks by heart, but they can’t name the animals or birds in their own backyard. They’re convinced that money creates happiness, but they don’t know that the moon creates the tides. They can name all their favorite celebrities, but can’t look up and name the constellations or the stars. They rave about the sunsets they have seen, but have never witnessed a sunrise. They can point to the highway, but have no idea which way is north. The sight of a store sale makes them smile, but the sight of a bug makes them leap from their chair. Its all very sad. Denatured people areĀ married to their smart phones, and divorced from Mother Earth.

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