Report from Harriman Ranch

Report from Harriman Ranch

Dave’s trip out west is coming to an end, but he sent me a report on his latest adventure¬† – a day at Harriman Ranch on Henry’s Fork. Locate 28 miles south of Yellowstone, the eight miles of water known as Harriman Ranch is a mecca for the dry fly addict and the outdoor enthusiast.

At this time of year, the Mahogany dun hatch is in full swing. This is Paraleptophlebia bicornuta, not what we call the Mahogany dun here on the east coast. That mayfly is the larger ¬†Isonychia bicolor. ¬†Mid-morning is often the time the western Mahogany dun pops up. And you can expect spinner falls later in the day. Ahhh…gentlemen’s hours.

Bug Soup

Dave and Pete saw times the water was covered with mayflies. Check out this hatch! Hey bug soup! You gotta love it. Dave tell me he hooked a rainbow of near 4 pounds that broke him off in the weeds. Exciting fishing to say the least.

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