Seabirds by Peter Harrison

Seabirds by Peter Harrison: 

Gannets at Dawn

Many years ago I did a lecture in Ramsey Outdoors, down in Paramus. Afterwards while heading to the car, I spied this chunky paperback on the store shelf. A quick peruse was all it took for me to buy it. What a wonderful find. What a wonderful book.

Published in 1983 by Houghton Mifflin,and revised in in 1991, this is the definitive guide to the seabirds of the world. Harrison spent seven years traveling the seven seas to gather his information and then another four years to pen the book. This  truly monumental effort has resulted in a work 450 pages long, containing 1600 painted illustration of birds and over 324 maps of their distributions. I’m astounded by it every time I pick it up.

It is impossible to fishing the beaches of the Atlantic without seeing many different seabirds. And sooner or later you want to know them better. For they are not only your companion; they very often lead you to the fish. Seabirds by Peter Harrison richly deserves to be in every devoted saltwater angler’s library.


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