Southwest Rhode Island Report

Southwest Rhode Island Report

Got to Southwest Rhode Island for a tour two days back. Checked out Quonochontaug first. Nothing doing in the inlet. Saw a few small schoolies working back in the pond. Couldn’t get to them, however. So I went over and scoped out Weekapaug Fire District Beach. Another nice place. Saw a few birds and boats offshore. Nothing busy on the beach. Oh well.

Caster at Quonochontaug

Next I hit Weekapaug Breachway. (Mouth of Winnapaug Pond) Good tide, no signs of fish, however. Damn. Got back in the truck and shot over to Misquamicut.  Investigated a couple of spots. No dice. Nada. Zip. Coming up empty. Time to travel. Back in the truck.

Back in the Truck

Trekked over to Napatree next. I love this beach, but man that is a long walk in waders, especially on  warm day. Haha.  But I knew I would get to sit awhile out there and wait on the tide. Marched to the tip and parked my butt on a log. Felt good. Out front there were a pair of loons working the surf. Great sign, there was bait around. An hour later the bass arrived. Finally got hooked up! The action only lasted five minutes. Oh well. At least I found fish.

Taking a Hike out Napatree Point

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  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    Napatree beach is one of the prettiest places in New England. Over the years it seems fishing has declined. My best luck was fishing the backside at night. Local fishing guides don’t bother probing Napatree. The offshore reefs are more productive.

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