The 2020 Northeast Saltwater Season is Behind Us

The 2020 Northeast Saltwater Season is Behind Us:

Well its official now; here in the Northeast the 2020 saltwater season is behind us. Time to put away the gear if you haven’t already. And its also time to think about what you might do differently next year. Granted if you were up to your neck in fish in 2020 , you might not want to change a damn thing. But I think its fair to say for most of us here in New England, 2020 was a disappointment. Sure there were a few hot spots now and then; there always are. But that shouldn’t confuse you into believing all is rosy. Across the board 2020 was no great shakes.

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  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    2018 I caught many small stripers on most outings. I felt piggish catching too many fish and decided to try somethings which might make it less harmful to the fish. If the fish felt small I did not set the hook and kept the rod under my arm and bought the fish in quickly. When I saw the fish break the surface. I let of the line and wiggled the rod to let them off. Then I decided to stop fishing after 12 fish and take pictures.
    2019 I wade fished often but never caught as many fish as the year before. Largest fish was in the low 30 inches.
    The consensus is that there are small stripers about but very few large fish. The surprise this year was the large numbers of Hickory Shad.

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