Tying an Anchor Fly on a Waspi JHCN

I mentioned this Waspi hook back last post. Designed for Czech style nymphs, it offers a lead body molded on the shank, a down turned eye, a 2x short shank, and a wide gap. Will it ride hook up? We’ll see.

Waspi JHCN Czech Hook

Anchor Fly on a Waspi JHCN

To form the body, I employed a green vinyl rib. It is a bit stretchy which made it easier to tie in. I like how it looks too, but the “sprue” on top of the hook proved to be an obstacle going forward. So I stopped the rib just behind it and then dubbed in a hare’s ear head. Added a few legs too. Overall it made a decent looking fly. And it was quick to tie. See the finished fly below.

Anchor Fly on a Waspi JHCN




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