A Trip to the Great North Woods

A Trip to the Great North Woods

How it Looked in the pre-covid Days!

In the previous post I told you about the effect of climate change and covid on my trip north. Damn, quite a bummer. The river was overrun with anglers. Completely overrun. The photo above shows you how things looked in the past. Hopefully these saner days can return to the Great North Woods. Got my fingers crossed.

But truthfully there were some good points too. The State of New Hampshire does a wonderful job stocking the Upper Connecticut River with beautiful brook trout. The brood stock ones are three year old brookies, running upwards of 4 pounds! While we were there the state stocked, net full after net full, of brook trout in the 1.5 to 2 pound range. Gorgeous fish. Great on a fly rod.

Delivering Beautiful Brook Trout to the Great North woods

The “Bridge Commander”

No top of that the Great North Woods supplies a breathtaking backdrop of forests, mountains, moose,  and lakes. This is indeed wild country. And along with it there are some wild characters living in this hills. Such as a guy, I met on a bridge over the river. Lets call him call the “Bridge Commander”. Looks the part doesn’t he? Full of stories, jokes and spinning pure bullshit. You gotta love it. Life in the Great North Woods will do that to you.


A Great North Woods Brookie

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