Searching for the Soul of Ireland

Searching for the Soul of Ireland

Its been a long time since I set foot in Éire, but the memories are strong. Several things have delayed a return. My move to Florida put me considerably farther from the Emerald Isle. And then when I returned to Connecticut ready to hop a plane, covid19 struck.

Among my memories are a rainy hike on a remote road between Ardgroom and Eyeries.  About 10 miles in, the lane narrowed, barely 5 feet wide, coursing the rolling land, with the ocean never far away. Surrounded by silence and breathtaking beauty, I had not seen another person for hours.

Just beyond midday, I crested a hill offering long views over the rugged terrain. Dropping my pack, I stood there lost in thought, while in the distance a white horse ascended the hill to greet me. Separated only by a knee high wall, we stood 4 feet apart.  In the mist, we stared into each others eyes for what seemed an eternity. I felt I had met the soul of Ireland.


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