You are Made of Stardust

First off, happy New Year. Lets all hope for a fun, safe, and rewarding 2022. Man, we really need it.

You are Made of Stardust

Got out of the house this morning. Very foggy and warm. Just down the street, where a small backwater flows to the Connecticut River, I saw this message scrawled on the bridge. Ummm. Hit the brakes. Climbed out of the truck to get a closer look. Not a big fan of graffiti, but this seemed to resonate with the New Year. It was a reminder of where we came from and where we are all headed. Puts our lived into perspective. I believe Carl Sagan coined the phase. Is there any truth in it? Was Carl right? Are we stardust? Well the earth was formed inside of stars. So there is no avoiding it. In fact scientists now figure humans are 97 percent stardust. Wow. Face it, you’re a star.


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  1. Ted Rzepski says:

    Everything is from stars that exploded. Iron is formed in the center of dying stars.

    Jessie Collins Young sang, “…we are but a moments sunlight fading in the grass…”.

    So let’s enjoy our moment.

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