Major Outdoor Gear Companies send a letter to Utah

Major Outdoor Gear Companies send a letter to Utah

Some of the major manufactures of Outdoor Gear are not pleased with Utah. And have written a letter to Utah’s Governor Spencer Cox. Who am I talking about? Big names like Patagonia, REI, and North Face.  All three are members of the Conservation Alliance, a group of roughly 300 companies founded in 1989. Their mission is to support environmental groups that protect wild lands around the country. To that end they have donated millions of dollars, and had great success.

Okay give me a moment to explain the problem. You may remember that back in December 2016, then President Barack Obama established the Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah. It is beautiful country and scared to many tribes. About a year later, Utah lawmakers asked rogue President Donald Trump to eliminate the newly formed Bears Ear National Monument. Trump acted by reducing the size of the Monument. President Biden reinstated it, but Utah is still trying to reverse that. In response to Utah’s actions, outdoor gear companies objected and moved the Outdoor Retailers Trade Show from its home base in Salt Lake City to Denver. The impact of the show is huge, over 10 million dollars to the local economy every year. That stung Utah.

Recently Emerald Expositions, the company that runs the show, decided to return it to Utah.  Well, the shit hit the fan. Over two dozen companies objected, suggesting they will pull out of the show. How will Emerald Expositions handle this? It’s unclear. But here’s a tip of the hat to the Conservation Alliance and especially their Pinnacle Membership Program. You guys are doing a terrific job!


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