March Fishing on Florida’s Gulf Coast

March Fishing on Florida’s Gulf Coast

If you live on Florida’s Gulf Coast, you know that March is a corner in the year. The alluring winter weather that attracts millions of people down to the land of palm trees is fading. Up ahead lies the rainy season and the heat and humidity of summer. And by April 1st the roads north will be jammed packed with cars and RVs as the snow birds hit the trail home.

Dave with a Redfish

But there is good news too. In March the fishing on the Gulf Coast is picking up. As the waters warm, snook begin to spreading out again. Spotted seatrout that have been balled up shivering in deep hole are also on the move. Tarpon arrive daily. And forage fish return to the flats. Yes indeed, March fishing on the Gulf Coast is a time for anglers to rejoice.

Pete with a Redfish

Redfish are only fish that never really seem to feel winter’s wrath. Even in the chilliest days of winter they are out and about. Why? Well Florida is the southern end of the redfish’s range. So, they doing okay down here. Check out these photos of my friend Dave – aka the redfish whisper- and his buddy Pete. Wow! Those are some nice reds on a fly rod.

Dave again with a Red

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