Been out of Action for Over a Month

Been out of Action for Over a Month

As you may have noticed I’m not doing much posting. Truth is I’ve been out of action for over a month. First off I reinjured my right foot. This injury originally happened twenty year ago. Some kind of problem with the bones in my foot. The orthopedic guy told me to take it easy and hope it didn’t come back. Well, it popped up again. Damn.

Back When I had Two Good Feet!

That got me putting all my weight on my left foot in an effort to protect my right. Made sense? After three weeks of that, I sprained my left ankle! At that point I was pretty much immobile. Spending a lot of time on the couch, my friend, watching fishing videos on YouTube. Yeah things are slowly getting better, but it has been a tough spring for this old guy.



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4 Responses to Been out of Action for Over a Month

  1. John M Pavao says:

    getting old sucks. hang in there- we enjoy the blog and hope youe year and fishing gets better every day.

  2. Ted Rzepski says:

    This is little consolation but the fish are glad you’re not annoying them.
    We’re in the same age cohort so we share much in the way of diminished physical stuff.
    Agree Long Island sound is degraded for the reasons you mention.

    Have to keep moving the best we can.

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