Father’s Day Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

Father’s Day Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

My son organized a Father’s Day camping trip to Martha’s Vineyard. We had a blast although the fishing and the weather were not in our favor.

After being home bound much of this spring with foot injuries, I was pumped to be out and about, especially to be on the island with a fly rod in hand. Yeah we did find a few schoolies mixed in with a lot of hickory shad, but the angling from shore was largely a bust. Drat. Perhaps most of the stripers were offshore feeding on the squid runs. If so, you can be sure the boat guys were hooking up big time.

The weather was a factor too. Cold fronts kept rolling through, driven by north winds that weeded up the beaches. Ugh.  I hate that red mung. And rain showed up at times as well. Never good news on a camping trip, believe me. The picture above should give you some idea of what daytime conditions were like.

We traveled around mightily, hoping to comp upon a good bite. Fished over half-a-dozen different beaches spanning nearly the entire north shore – from Dogbar to Edgartown. Never saw any real action. Hey, sometimes fishing is wishing!

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  1. John M Pavao says:

    glad you are back in action. Hickory Shad are a hoot- at least you had some action and even better- camped with your son. Happy Dads day for sure.

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