Hammerhead Shark on Nantucket Island

Hammerhead Shark on Nantucket Island

Recently a hammerhead shark put in quite show on Nantucket. While not unheard of, hammerheads sharks are rare on Nantucket Island. Their normal range is in Tropical waters, from 37 degrees south to 40 degree north. Nantucket Island is 41 degrees north. Another sign of global warming you say? Perhaps.

This hammerhead shark popped up on Ladies Beach on the southside of  Nantucket Island. Ladies Beach is a popular surfing location between Cisco and Miacomet beaches. The hammerhead shark was feeding on bluefish right in the wash as the video will show.

Hammerheads sharks are not extremely aggressive toward humans, but fatalities have occurred. Around the same time this hammerhead paid a visit to Nantucket Island, three big sharks were spotted on Martha’s Vineyard’s South Beach. With the waters warm, this is the height of the shark season in New England. Anglers, swimmers, kayakers, and surfers take care.


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