A Look at the Nirvana 4/6 Reel

A Look at the Nirvana 4/6 Reel

Nirvana Reel 4/6

For more years than I care to remember, I’ve been relying on a Hardy Princess for freshwater. Its a great trout reel. Looks perfect on my classic fiberglass fly rods. And I love the sound of a click & pawl drag.

Recently I was over on the Fiberglass Manifesto website and came across a reel being offered by Moonlit Fly Fishing. It caught my eye. Like the Hardy, it had a wonderful vintage look, simple mechanical design, and a click & pawl drag. Sweeting the mix, it was being offered at a decent discount. So I jumped on it.

Similar to the Hardy, the Nirvana is a spool-in-cage design. Neither the front nor the back is ventilated. The body is anodized aluminum in a gun metal gray, standing 3.5″ tall and about 7/8″ thick. Ready for a 4 or 5 or 6 line. With a 5 weight floating fly line and backing aboard the reel tips in at 7.15 ounces. It is easily reversible. And before I forget the reel seat and the line guard are brass. Nice touch.

Have not have a chance to take this Nirvana 4/6 reel to the water yet, but that will happen. If there is anything more to report, I’ll be sure to do so. In the picture up top, the Nirvana rides a Winston fiberglass fly rod

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