Worm Time in Southern New England

Worm Time in Southern New England

Well, well its worm time in the salt ponds along the southern New England coast. Yes, the spring has been cool and wet, but the worms are definitely here now. Pick a sunny day with a low tide during the afternoon to warm up the flats. That should trigger the hatch. No cold fronts please! And keep looking because the hatch moves around the pond following the warm water.


Here’s a look at that those squiggly little devils. Many, but not all, will be about an inch long with a red or pink body and a head tipped in black. But some can be almost white. So its best to have a wide selection of flies, as the fish are apt to be very fussy. Have some floating flies in the mix for sure.

Worm Flies

Still, don’t be surprised if the fishing to be tough at times, even when there are plenty of fish around. Just keep trying. Slow retrieves are the ticket. You’ll get there.

Photo credit Phil Farnsworth

Photo credit Captain Pete Farrell

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