Worms Again!

Worms Again!

Well the Rhode Island worm bite is still in gear. No, not everywhere mind you, but in some spots. Doubt it can last much longer if the water temperature keep rising.  At some point the bass will be forced to boogie back to cooler water.

The picture below shows Captain Pete Farrell fishing a worm hatch. As usual Pete is busy catching bass. Dude is hard core. Nice going Pete!

Captain Pete Farrell       photo credit Phil Farnsworth

Got an interesting worm fly to show you. It was tied by Mark Lewchik, who is widely known for being fabulous at the vise, cranking out wonderful flies for both fresh and saltwater.

Mark Lewchik’s Worm Fly

This puppy is near 1.5 inches long and rides a size 2 hook. Looks like a Gamakatsu to me? The body is hollow and sealed, permitting it to float.

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