Book Review: Stillwater Fly-Fishing Secrets by Hal Janssen

Got another book review for you. This time we’ll look at Stillwater Fly-Fishing Secrets by Hal Janssen. Stillwater fly-fishing for trout has never really taken off in this country. That’s a shame. Lakes and ponds provide a fun and rewarding trout challenge. But to successfully cross the bridge from stream to stillwater, you have to rethink your approach, your tackle, and your flies. And that’s what this book is all about.

Stillwater Fly Fishing_thumb 20140117_2752Stillwater Fly-Fishing Secrets, by Hal W. Janssen, Hal Janssen Company, Forest Ranch, California, 2011, 278 pages, foreword by Russell Chatham, illustrations by the author, hardbound, ISBN 978-0-98871660-0-5

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