Knives – Our ancient friends

Knives – Our Ancient Friends :  Knives are ancient tools – ancient friends. Likely they are our first technology; dating back well over a million years into the dark days of the Stone Age. Along with our quest to control fire, knives were born out of necessity, out of the endless struggle to live another day. We needed them desperately.

Knives – Our Ancient Friends

Knives began with the “knapping” of stones. These were small, disposable blades chipped away by hand – often from flint or obsidian. Then we found copper, then bronze, then iron, then steel. Today knives are everywhere. Fixed blades, folding blades, steak knives, fillet knives, carving knives, wood whittlers, camp knives, hunting knives, in our kitchens , in our toolboxes, in our tackle boxes, in our pockets, in our boats, in our canoes and kayaks, on our key chains. We need them still.

If you’re like me, you have a favorite knife, one that seems a perfect extension of your hand. Mine is a 5″ Randall Made model 5 Camp & Trail.

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