My First Redfish of 2017

Wasn’t able to get to the waters over the holidays. And since then, we have experienced high winds and mornings as low as 36. Not good. Today, however, things improved. Dawn was in the low 50s, the tide was right and the winds reduced. Had to get out and cast a fly. And boy I’m glad I did. I got my first redfish of 2017.

My First Redfish of 2017

I arrived at my favorite flat just before sunrise. The wind was variable, 10-15 knots or so, out of the northeast. Would have liked less, but that wind wasn’t enough to be a  deal killer. On the other hand the water was clear and low. So all told the conditions were fairly good for “tailing” reds. Yet after an hour and a half of poling my Adios up and down the flat, I hadn’t see a single “tail” or even a cruising red. Ouch. It was time to boogie out of there.

The next flat was one I fish from time-to-time. “Tailers” are less common here, but I have caught them. Hence, I figured it was worth the paddle. Turned out I was right. As soon as I got there a “tail” popped up about 200 feet away. Great! I staked out my Adios upwind from the redfish, strapped on my lumber pack, and grabbed my fly rod. Then while wading slowly in the fish’s direction, I worked out some fly line in anticipation.

By the time I was in position, however, the “tail” had disappeared. Hate it when that happens. Hate it. But the redfish was swirling occasionally, revealing its location. Moving closer, I dropped the fly nearby. Two strips and the redfish charged it.  Not a big red, still it fought very well, tearing across the flat, and put my 6-weight fly rod to the test. The fly, you ask? The Neon Crab fly once again!

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