How Many Spots does a Redfish Have?

How many spots does a redfish have? Fair question. Typically a redfish has one spot per side. It is usually located on the rear flank, near or on the tail, and above the lateral line.  The photograph below shows how that commonly looks. (In theory, this spot is a false-eye, there to confuse predators. Clever that.)

How Many Spots does a Redfish have?

Now redfish do vary. Can a redfish have no spots at all? Zero, zilch? Yes. I have seen at least one red like that. Is it possible for a redfish to have multiple spots? Yes again. Two spots is not unusual. A redfish with three spots, however, like the one in the photo below, is a bit rarer. (By the way, the spots on one flank may not be the same as the spots on the opposite flank.)

How many spots does a redfish have?

Okay check out the redfish below. It was caught by my friend Dave a few days ago. It has five, or possibly six, spots. One of which is below the lateral line. Now we getting up there.

A Five Spotted Redfish

You’re chances of seeing a redfish with more than 6 spots is probably right up there with winning the lottery. But that does beg the question: what is the maximum number of spots ever recorded? Well, I did some checking on the old inter-web and discovered much to my surprise that redfish have been caught with 50 or more spots! In fact the world record is 500 spots. Wow!   {See recent update}

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6 Responses to How Many Spots does a Redfish Have?

  1. David Shepherd says:

    I caught one in Sabine lake with five spots two days ago!

    • Ed Mitchell says:

      Hey David,

      Sabine Lake? Well I had to look that one up. Its over by Galveston correct?
      Five spots would be very uncommon here in SW Florida. In fact redfish along my section of coast are rare these days, period. Red tide, blue-green algae.Ugh.


  2. Evelyn Lozano says:

    Just caught one with 9 spots! I’m not an avid fisherman but still got excited…too small to be a keeper but I got a pic!

  3. Ken MacDonald says:

    Got one with nine spots, about a half hour ago in Estero bay.

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