More on the Monic Covert Clear Fly Line

More on the Monic Covert Clear Fly Line: Earlier this summer I purchased a Monic 8wt, floating fly line. More specially, it was their All Weather Covert Clear model. I wanted to try it out on the flats of Charlotte Harbor, with the hope it might provide more stealth when fishing for “tailing” redfish.

More on the Monic Covert Clear Fly Line

Why was more stealth needed? When casting to a “tailer”, you may inadvertently cast over unseen redfish between you and your target. When those reds see the fly line traveling overhead they will spook. And when they tear off, they will also spook the red you are casting to.  Hate it when that happens. So the thought is this: When cast, a clear fly line should be less visible traveling over the water and thereby scare less fish.

Well, the jury is not fully in yet. But I do feel this line is harder to see during the cast, and may well prove beneficial. Time will tell me more. The only drawback I note so far is that the Monic line doesn’t shoot as well through the guides as other modern fly lines. Apparently the coating isn’t as slick. Not sure. But this should not be much of a problem. Sight-fishing the flats rarely requires booming out a long line. Typically you’re making twenty to forty foot chucks, with the occasional fifty or sixty footer.

Two Flies for the Flats

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