Met a Redfish this Morning

Met a Redfish this Morning: Finally got back to the water. Man its been awhile. My life has been busy. Launched the kayak in the dark with Orion glowing low in the west. Gorgeous sky filled with stars, from horizon to horizon. And got out to the flats before sunrise.

The tide chart reported a  -.1 low tide around 7:40. And true to form, there was very little water on the flat. Oyster bars were up and visible, and so was the sandbar.  Conditions looked good for “tailing: reds, but I poled northward for over a mile and never saw one. After a another hour of searching  with no luck, I was pretty disappointed. Yet something told me to check closer to shore. And sure enough I started a few seeing reds in the sand holes.

Met a Redfish this Morning

After staking out,  l waded slowly south, dropping my fly in the sand holes ahead of me. Bingo it work. I met a redfish this morning. Small dude, but I was glad to see him just the same. Goes to show you have to be patient.


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