No Fish Today

No Fish Today

No fish today! Yeah, it happens. Face it, you don’t win them all. Fishing is wishing. Still it was a great day to be outdoors. Enjoyed it. Temperatures climbed well into the sixties. Sun was shining. Wind was down. Blue skies. Great to be alive after a long winter of discontent. 

No Fish Today

Along for the ride was my Winston Stalker fiberglass rod. First outing of the year for that limber pup. Man, I was itching to do battle with it.  Always a hoot. It’s only 6′ 6″ and weighs under 2 ounces. Armed with a DT2 floating line and a small Hardy reel measuring only 2.75″ in diameter, this is a fun ultra-light fly outfit. A twelve inch trout feels like a twenty incher. Well I’m sure the Stalker will see action at some point this season. Its a superb dry fly rod. The  Hendrickson hatch would be perfect.

If you’re trout fishing here in Connecticut don’t forget to purchase a “trout and salmon” stamp with your license. Only five buckeroos. 

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