Rescuing a 1987 17′ Aquasport Part 7

Rescuing a 1987 17′ Aquasport Part 7

Part 6 of this journey appeared over a year ago, back in March of 2022. So it’s been awhile since I reported on my son’s project to rescue a 1987 17′ Aquasport. Well life gets in the way at times. We originally found this boat in the woods back in 2021 where it had sat for over a decade. As you can imagine it was in sad shape.  Thankfully the majority of the hull was intact, but an ugly repair on the transom required serious attention. The motor was history, although the trailer was decent and the price for the whole shooting match was only $500. Good deal.

Back in Part 5 you’ll see my son successfully rebuilding the transom with modern materials. Quite a job. We removed the hull liner too, so work could start on the stringers. In this photo, you see the rebuilt stringers capped with high density foam. And you can see plumbing being laid out in the bottom of the hull for the wiring.

The deck will sit on the stringers, as you expect. And many of the voids are to be filled with foam for further support. In addition, a 3/4″ cleat is being epoxied to the gunnel where the deck will eventually land. This required some careful measuring to ensure things end up reasonably level. Now its onward to the deck itself, if the rain ever stops.

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  1. Jon says:

    I love that this project is years in the making! I have a ’96 Sea Nymph 171CC that I’ve been doing battle with for 3+ years. Gutted the whole thing one year, rebuilt the transom the next. I just wont give up on the dream of sight casting to schoolies from her bow or diving for blackfish form her stern some day.
    Keep trucking!!

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