Sharks Eating Stripers in Long Island Sound

Sharks Eating Stripers in Long Island Sound?

By now you may have read some reports of stripers being bit in half by sharks, right here in Long Island Sound. May sound a little odd, but its true. Two tears ago I reported on a brown shark chasing a hooked bluefish at Millstone. So the notion of sharks hounding hooked fish was  clearly in the realm of possibilities.

Well now I can add another story to the tale of hungry sharks eating stripers in Long Island Sound.  Anglers fishing near Old Saybrook using live menhaden were catching some very large bass. These are fish well over the size limit, true hogs. One of the big bass, a fish estimated in excess of 3 feet,  didn’t make it to the damn boat! Clearly it was whacked by a shark. Here in these waters it was likely either a sand tiger shark or a sandbar (brown) shark. Both considered somewhat docile. But with our over heated waters, it may have been a different  shark entirely. After all a hammerhead showed up on Nantucket last year.

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